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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, there is an island called Ilha de Queimada Grande. In other words, Snake Island. You might be interested in snakes but this ones are so deadly that humans are not allowed to enter here.

Allegedly, a fisherman that went a little close to the island’s shores was found in blood after days. And the golden lancehead snakes that are living in the island were the blamed ones.

Speaking of the lancehead snakes, they are about more than 50 cm long and they are so poisonous that they can kill a human in an hour after biting. Their poison has the power to melt the human flesh. And Snake Island is full of them, between 2000 – 4000 snakes live in there

Again allegedly, in the late 1920’s, the lighthouse keeper and his family were living on the island. And they are killed by the snakes which are came from the windows of the house. Just like a horror movie… Today, it is illegal to visit the island. Only the navy can enter because they periodically control the lighthouse and the island.

Snake Island was actually a part of the mainland of Brazil. But 10,000 years ago, the sea level rises and this part has been separated, so that Snake were isolated from mainland and Island has emerged.

This island has been untouched by human developers and the snake population has gone wild. Due to the snakes not having any predators on the island, reproduction is easy and rapid. It has been estimated that between one and five snakes can be found per square meter on the island.

Maybe you’re wondering just how venomous these snakes are. Well, the lancehead viper has evolved to have extremely potent venom that is “three to five times stronger than any mainland snake’s -- capable of killing most prey (and melting human flesh) almost instantly,” according to Smithsonian.

Who Goes to the Island

We’re sure Snake Island isn’t on your list of places to visit, and with good reason. In case you ever wondered about who actually would visit, however, the Brazilian government controls who can disembark on the snake-covered Ilha da Queimada Grande.

Typically only scientists are permitted on the island. A doctor is required to accompany any visitors in case there are any potentially deadly encounters with the island’s native population.

In an interview, Duarte told Vice, “We are just scratching this universe of possibilities of venoms,” and while the snakes are terrifying, venom has shown the possibility of being able to help with heart disease, circulation, and blood clots.

The lancehead viper has been classified as critically endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. The main reason for this is because of the habitat destruction that has happened on the island. It may seem like a grand idea to just get rid of the snakes, eliminating threats to humans in the area and allowing for more usable land. This thought has crossed the minds of others. According to reporting by Snake Facts, “In the past, fires were deliberately started on the island in an attempt to eradicate the snakes so it could be used for agriculture.

Snake Facts goes on: “To maintain the lighthouse on the island, the Brazilian Navy has also contributed to habitat destruction by the removal of vegetation. The species was also plagued by over-harvesting from scientists.”

May be with each snake lying there for every 3 ft ! who would like to go there . LOL .

But snakes depend on Birds which visits as a pitstop to the island .Sometimes snakes lives without foods for many months .

Thank you for reading

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